Inbound Marketing

What is inbound marketing?

The term “inbound marketing” was first founded by CRM software HubSpot in 2006 which highlights the “attracting, converting, closing and delighting customers”. Inbound marketing is about creating a lasting relationship with prospects and customers to bring them on a more holistic cycle on their journey. Successful inbound marketing focuses on providing content to your customer on their journey and tweaking them along the way to accelerate them on the buyer’s journey. This helps to increase revenue and profit.


Draw the right people

The Internet is filled with a lot of white noise and it can be difficult to find valuable pieces of content. Hence, it is crucial that your inbound marketing strategy helps in creating content that is relevant, eye-catching, and valuable to your target audience and buyer personas.

Provide your readers with resourceful content that will attract them; the know-how about your brand, products or services. Content marketing requires optimised content, where a strong SEO strategy plays an important role. Rank highly on your potential customers’ search results and forge a relationship with them from there.


Communicate with your leads

Part of your inbound strategy is digital marketing to get leads. Ensure your leads are well-nurtured before you convert them into qualified leads and then long-term customers. After attracting them, it is crucial to engage with them in any way possible to foster their interest and maintain their loyalty.

Build marketing automation that reaches out to your leads with e-mail newsletter updates, follow-up phone calls, and assisted customer service (like chatbots). This ensures a smooth transition from a qualified lead to your customer that helps them feel guided and ease them into closing a deal.


Empower your customers

You don’t stop once your target customer has purchased your product or service. Enhance your customer’s journey by empowering your customers to reach their goals.

Through methods such as requesting feedback via surveys and reviews to loyalty programs, your customer gets a sense that the relationship is beyond transactional. This builds a trusting relationship between your customer and your brand where they feel heard and well-taken care of.

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Impact Hub Singapore

Impact Hub Singapore was receiving a significant amount of interest through their various marketing initiatives and platforms. However, they were not able to pinpoint exactly where their buyer personas were coming from and what their buyer journey looked like. With the implementation of a closed-loop marketing approach, they connected their SEO, social media, and sales on Hubspot and were eventually able to see exactly where their leads were coming from. Then, they could nurture the lead and provide a roadmap to define the customer journey.

Their results?

400% Increase in Revenue Month-on-month

200% increase in organic traffic within first 7 months

5.1% conversion rate from social media

We are not saying outbound/ traditional marketing is overdue in today’s world. We are recommending an omnichannel approach to reach your target audience all round.


Why Choose METRIC?

A Hubspot Platinum Partner

At METRIC we are firmly committed to providing inbound marketing strategies that go beyond just lead generation, good landing pages and relevant blog posts. As a Hubspot Platinum partner, we have exclusive suggestions on how to improve customer experience and use the right tools to close deals with customers faster and in a more meaningful way. We want to bring your customers on a journey from potential customers to customers who feel that your brand provides value and substance.


Provide A Wonderful Inbound Marketing Experience

Best way to implement inbound marketing

At the end of the day, we want to create a strong customer base that can increase revenue and profit. However, it must be known that a strong inbound methodology takes time to build. It requires an entire digital marketing team to collectively work together on a single campaign.

At METRIC, we believe in quality over quantity. With HubSpot’s easy-to-use CRM, we are able to create holistic well-rounded campaigns, whether they involves social media, contact management, content creation, e-mail marketing, and sales. With an all-in-one CRM software, it makes the implementation, management, and analysis of the campaigns much more convenient. With optimised processes and low costs, you can trust us to receive competitive prices.

To assist with reaching this goal, our team of SEO specialists, content writers, and marketers work hand in hand to bring the holistic aspects of marketing to another level. Our aim is to pull your customers closer without bothering them. Let’s get you started today!