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Acquiring e-mail addresses and building a strong e-mail marketing list can be tough especially if you have just started a small business or never really had a workflow in place. Think of email addresses as a currency: no one would give money away just like that, right? Offer an incentive to your prospects to gather email addresses.

That’s why at METRIC, we believe in the inbound methodology where all your platforms work concurrently (from your landing page to social media to blog posts) to play a role in generating and nurturing your leads. E-mail marketing is one of those ways. A successful e-mail campaign can nurture your leads no matter which part of the buyer’s journey they may be on. Most of all, advertising via e-mail marketing is free, so do take advantage of it to garner more prospects.

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Develop A Seamless Marketing Automation


A great email marketing strategy involves sending the right emails to the right prospects. There are many different types of emails you can send out from those to increase traffic (informational)  to those for revenue generation (promotional). With various types of emails in place, you wouldn’t want to send a transactional email to someone who has just joined your newsletter subscription.

With the help of marketing automation, automated emails effectively align a series of emails that applies to your specific segments and lists making it that much easier to send emails relevant to customers at every step of their customer journey. It makes sure to deliver the planned content to your customer as agreed on with them. Marketing automation implements drip marketing, saving time on repetitive and standard emails like autoresponders and follow-up emails.


Optimise Your Email Marketing Strategy


With appropriate marketing automation in place, there’s no denying the impact a well-crafted message can have on your customers. That is if crucial you hit the mark with details. Optimise each email to reach out to your marketing list and resonate with their purpose and intentions. Some ways this can be done is:

  • Personalised Emails:

It is said that emails with personalized subject lines generate 50% higher open rates.  They garner a better reaction as the customer feels like you are directly speaking to them rather than speaking to a general audience.


Measure Your Performance Effectively


With the use of email marketing software, measuring the effectiveness of each campaign has become almost effortless. With functions such as click rate, open rate, A/B testing, you can easily access how well each campaign is performing and how you can improve. Use these metrics to your advantage to tweak your email, design or even the time you send the email.

Why Choose METRIC?

A Hubspot Partner

Being a Hubspot Platinum Partner, we are well-equipped with the relevant, trendiest and wide variety of email marketing tools required to create a strong email campaign.

Hubspot’s easy CRM allows you to create customised and relevant email marketing campaigns to acquire more leads and nurture lasting customer relationships. The add-on features in the software, such as contact management or optimising your sales funnel, the add-on functions are time-effective and cost-saving.

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As you can see, the statistics speak for themselves. If your company is not onboard the email marketing train yet, you are missing out! With 87% of marketers using email marketing to distribute their content (Content Marketing Institute, 2019), it is almost indispensable in today’s context.

At METRIC, our team is proficient with a myriad of email marketing platforms such as Klaviyo, Hubspot and Mailchimp to deliver optimal emails to your email clients. With a structured team dedicated to graphics, videos and email marketing, we can help you develop an email strategy that works for your business and helps to garner the attention you need from your audience.