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Search Engine Marketing has grown extensively in the past decade. Not only do you have the option of ranking on Google searches, but you can also drive traffic from costs per click on your ads. How do you ensure you are getting the most out of your paid ads? Develop the right SEM strategies and make the calculating cost per lead a priority.

Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) is the most common search provider used for this strategy. When users lookup for certain search terms, they see the custom ads at the top or bottom of SERPs. We get your current keywords and bids cleaned up, functional and ready to start churning out the insights.

It is easy to scale your online advertising budgets up and down based upon your lead generation and conversion rates at any given time. This enables you to test, analyse and streamline your advertising budget and ad strategies to maximise your ROI.


Reach The Right People With The Right Message

Get In Front Of Your Ideal Prospects

Leveraging your digital advertising strategy, we use a combination of keywords, ads, bid levels, targeting selections and data collected from search networks, landing pages, and social media engagements to determine the best way to reach their ideal prospects. A well-researched target and the use of trusted ad networks mean your content shows up where your personas are already looking.

Whether it’s through video ads, paid search, banner ads (display advertising) or native ads, we can display relevant content to the target audience each time or even run multiple ad campaigns to produce the highest ROI!


Optimise A Diverse Range of Ad Campaigns

Choose The Right Platform

With a growing reliance on social media, it is no wonder social media advertising has become one of the most used and effective advertising platforms.

With a diverse number of online platforms to display ads such as search engines, websites and social media, it can be difficult to choose the right platform for your buyer persona. With such a wide spectrum of online platforms to pick from, your brand will not miss out on any opportunities.

Alter your digital ads in real-time depending on your ad spend and strategy to target the groups you want. The good news with altering your ads is you can reach out to new audiences whom you may not have before.

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Why Choose Metric?

At METRIC Digital Singapore, we believe in helping businesses achieve measurable and practical returns on investment with quantifiable results. Our digital advertising specialists work hand in hand with our content marketing team to develop and optimise your strategy to garner the right audience for your product and services.

Your content campaigns and search programs are only as good as you can prove they are. With a commitment to careful analysis of your accounts and of every bid, we provide you with clear answers and results. With excellent landing page content, clear calls to action and a full promotional strategy, you can start every campaign with confidence. Trust us to drive your brand to the next level.